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Landscape Installation

We plant all the softer elements that define and link different parts of the landscape—everything from sod and seed to trees and flowers.

Landscape installation starts with a comprehensive plan that plots the space and specifies the individual components needed to create it. Our skilled horticulturists can develop that plan, or we can work with your landscape architect or designer.

Every crew has an experienced crew leader and manager to ensure your project receives the attention and quality craftsmanship it deserves. The manager you talk with at the initial project meeting will remain very involved and will always be just one phone call away.

Freddy’s Landscape Company can act as General Contractor and coordinate all aspects of your project. From preliminary plans to ongoing maintenance, we ensure quality workmanship, budget control, and complete satisfaction.

Our Landscape Services include:

  • Gardens
  • Fencing & Arbors
  • Pergolas & Gazebos
  • Seed & Sod Lawn Installation
  • Tree & Shrubbery Planting; and Tree Transplanting


At Freddy’s Landscape Company, we know a garden can be your personal sanctuary as well as a great place to entertain. Let our skilled horticulturists create a space where you’ll enjoy a lush, delightful, and relaxing environment.

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Fencing & Arbors

Freddy’s Landscape Company builds Arbors and Fences to set boundaries and add character to the exterior of a home.

They can be primarily functional or decorative; detailed or plain; open or solid — depending on your objectives. Whether a traditional wrought iron look or the elegance of natural wood, we’ll make sure the style and material integrate with your landscape.

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Pergolas & Gazebos

Freddy’s Landscape Company builds pergolas and gazebos as stand-alone settings or convenient attachments to your home. We’ll help you choose the correct setting to control sun exposure and shed rain.

Attractive works of art, these open-air shelters not only extend your living space, their unique designs add visual interest to your outdoor space.

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Landscape Design & installation


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